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Miyeon BLACKPINK – No More Together?



Miyeon BLACKPINK - No More Together?

A few years ago, a couple of pre-debut photos of Kpop sensation, BLACKPINK were leaked and they showed the 4 members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosè, and Lisa, along with another mysterious girl, who we now know, is currently a part of another successful kpop girl group, (G)I-IDLE under Cube Entertainment.

It was reported that the company BLACKPINK is under, YG Entertainment, their CEO had initially planned to make them a 9 member girl group. However, the CEO later decided to cut it down to 4 members.

Why didn’t Miyeon Remain at BLACKPINK?

When Miyeon was in middle school in 2010, she decided to audition for YG Entertainment, in hopes of fulfilling her dreams of becoming a kpop artist. She remained a trainee under the music label for over 5 years, until she left in February 2016, 6 months before BLACKPINK’s hit debut “Boombayah”.

Even though the main reason why she left YG Entertainment still remains unsolved, there was a rumor that she went on a date with a contestant on MIX & MATCH, Jung Jin Hyung, and was suddenly asked to leave the group afterward.

In an episode of the Korean TV show “Radio star“, Jisoo and Rosè revealed that the group was prohibited from “driving, smoking, clubbing, drinking, plastic surgery, and dating”. Many fans think that Miyeon was removed from BLACKPINK since dating went against the company’s regulations.

Debuting With (G)I-idle

After leaving YG Entertainment, Miyeon signed a contract with Cube Entertainment, a music label that brought together groups like 4MINUTE, CLC, and BTOB, just to name a few.

She trained under the company for 11 months before debuting with (G)I-idle, as the main vocalist, on May 2, 2018, with their single “Latata”, which ended up being one of the biggest debuts in that year. They were even given the title of “Monster Rookies”.

(G)I-idle was a 6 member group and is now regarded as one of the most successful kpop girl groups of all time, only down by a couple of groups. Their 2020 album, “Dumdi dumdi” was the 2nd best girl group album of all time.

Some fans were left disappointed when they found out that Miyeon was supposed to be a part of BLACKPINK because they thought that she would fit in perfectly, however, most think that (G)I-IDLE’s elegant style fits Miyeon the best, with her ethereal visual.

Miyeon BLACKPINK – How’s the Current Relationship?

At the MMA 2018 award ceremony, when BLACKPINK was performing their single “Ddu ddu ddu du”, people were quick to point out that Miyeon looked rather disinterested in their whole performance and barely smiled or clapped after their performance.

Many people assumed that Miyeon and her former group were no longer on good terms with each other, however after she debuted with (G)I-IDLE, she revealed that all the BLACKPINK members had congratulated her, and she continues to maintain a good relationship with all the members.

Another member of (G)I-idle, Minnie is great friends with BLACKPINK’s Lisa because of the fact that both of them are Thai kpop artists. They even have matching friendship necklaces to prove it. During Minnie and Miyeon’s radio show appearance on “Love Game”, Minnie disclosed that Lisa had gifted her a coffee truck to the set of her drama “So not worth it”, and showed how thankful she was to her.

To this Miyeon jokingly said she was expecting one too since she was shooting for her drama “Replay” around the same time and said “Hey, Lisa. Next time, send me one too. I was a bit sad.”

Where is Miyeon Now?

(G)I-idle, later on, went on a competition called “Queendom”, where six girl groups battle to find out which group truly makes the best music, by releasing their singles at the same time.

(G)I-idle ended up winning the competition, many believe they won because they were not afraid to show the part of themselves on stage that many others would usually try to hide as well as their unique single “Lion” which was an empowering song for women, as it depicted that women should stray away from the gender norms they are usually presented with.

Their 3rd EP “I burn” with the main track being “Hwa” ended up selling 100,000 copies making it their third album to cross that many copies. The album was about the loneliness you feel after getting out of a toxic relationship.

It’s insane to think that the world may have never gotten to her as Miyeon from (G)I-idle but instead as Miyeon from BLACKPINK. The story of her being selected and subsequently being kicked out is one of the craziest stories we have ever heard of. But in the end, everything seemed to have worked out.

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Trouble Don’t Last Always (2007)




Trouble Don't Last Always (2007)

Trouble don’t last always (Against all odds) is a novel released in 2007 by Francis Ray. This
novel is about how you should never quit trying to achieve true happiness, even if you do
feel like nothing could help. In her opinion, there’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel;
you just have to be patient enough to get there.

Francis used her characters to spread this message. Being a woman of color, she knew the
struggles of having to live in an abusive home. She didn’t want anyone else to go through it,
so she decided to tell a story about perseverance.

Trouble Don’t Last Always (2007) – What is it about?

The main story is about a woman, Lilly Crawford, the main protagonist. Lily was a very
insecure woman who was never loved as a child. With both her mother and father out of the
picture, she had no one to care for her. That was until she met her soon-to-be husband,
Miron. He used to be her Knight in shining armor until she suddenly became violent towards

To get out of an abusive relationship she has been trapped in for a long time, she decides to
file for divorce. After that, she runs away from her small hometown, East Texas, with her 12-
year-old rusty car. Things get worse as her car breaks down in the middle of Louisiana. She
finds herself at a stranger’s doorstep.

On the other hand, a rich neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Wakefield has been carjacked. The
attacker left the man blind. How will he help his patients now?

Lilly ends up getting a job as a caretaker for Adam. Not used to depending on anyone for
any kind of help, Adam isn’t the nicest to Lilly or anyone, for a matter of fact. Despite him
taking his anger out on her, Lilly stands strong.

At first glance, this man reminded her too much of her previous husband, but as time
passed, they develop an unexpected bond. Lilly has to face her abusive husband before she
can even think about moving on.

Read as the unlikely pair are put together by fate to try to make the best of unfortunate
circumstances. Will they ever find another chance at love?

About the Author

The author of this book is Francis Ray. She was a New York Times bestselling African-
American romance novel writer. Even though she studied nursing, she was inspired by the
work of Kathleen Woodiwiss and J. California Cooper. She started writing in 1987 and had
released her first book in 1992 named “Fallen Angels”.

She was born on 20 July 1944 and died on 2 July 2013. She had written over 50 books in
her lifetime and received numerous awards for most of them, including Romantic Times
Career Achievement, The Atlantic Choice, EMMA, and the Golden Pen.

Francis always said that she always makes romance novels because she feels that they are
more emotionally harder to write. This is because she thinks that the characters need to
have some sort of conflict, then resolve said conflicts in a way that makes them think “If they
can get over that? So can I”.

She was praised for never stereotyping African-American any of her characters, instead of making them more realistic. Ray always made novels that would teach her readers a lesson about life.

She used to live in Dallas, Texas. All of her novels used always make it to the bestsellers
list. Her novel “Incognito” was adapted by Black Entertainment for further broadcast in 1999.

The Road to Redemption

Her novel “Trouble don’t last always (2007)” is about the road to redemption and never giving up on
finding happiness. She portrays this in her protagonist Lilly Crawford. A woman getting out of
an abusive relationship is at her lowest point.

Even when she attempts to run away, her old car fails her by breaking down in Louisiana. She finds her future happiness in Adam Wakefield, whose life was also going South. Both of them find each other and get a second chance in fixing their lives.

The book, Trouble don’t last always (2007), teaches the readers that even if we are going through difficult times in our life, we should never lose hope. The characters in the novel are very realistic, not like your clichè love story with extremely un-relatable characters.

Even though the book came out well over a decade ago, there’s something timeless about it.
It is a story that readers can connect with, no matter what their background is or who they
are. The story of “Emily” is all around us.

And with this novel, you get to go through a whole journey of emotions. Each character adds a little something special to the novel, so there’s probably always going to be a person the reader can relate to!

Watched the recently released Aarya web series on Hotstar? Learn everything about their cast here!

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Aarya Cast: Everything you need to know Aarya Web Series!




Aarya Cast Hotstar

Aarya is an Indian crime drama released on 19 June 2020, after months of delay. The web series was created by Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi, who directed it as well, along with the co-director Vinod Rawat. Aarya is based on Penzance, a Dutch drama series by Peter Bart Korthius. Aarya is released on Disney+ Hotstar.

It stars Sushmita Sen, playing the lead role in the series. Aarya is her first acting gig in over 10 years, last seen in the film “No Problem” in the year 2010. Other than Sushmita Sen, other actors from the Aarya cast like Chandrachur Singh, Sikander Kher, Ankur Bhatia, Namit Das will also be seen in the web series.

The Main Plot of the Aarya Web Series

Aarya web series’ main plot is centered around Aarya Sareen (Sushmita Sen) and her seemingly perfect family. However, things are not as they seem as Aarya’s husband, Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh), is a part of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies that sell fake medicine laced with opium.

The plot thickens as Tej Sareen gets mysteriously murdered by a man in a mask. Devastated, Aarya takes it upon herself to seek justice and avenge her husband by taking over his illegal drug business while taking care of her three children, going through the grief of their father’s sudden death.

The Aarya cast: What are their roles?

Every actor in this show has fully committed to their roles. Whether their a police officer or a mob boss, they all acted at the best of their abilities, and it paid off. They never made it seem like they’ve been forced on doing the role. Here’s the Aarya cast Hotstar and what their roles were in the show.

Sushmita Sen playing as Aarya Sareen: Sushmita Sen plays the role of the protagonist, Aarya Sareen. Aarya is portrayed as a woman who isn’t afraid of taking any bold steps in order to save her family and seek justice for the murder of her husband.

Chandrachur Singh playing as Tej Sareen: Chandrachur Singh plays the loving husband of Aarya, Tej Sareen. But, all that just turns out to be a facade. He owns one of the biggest illegal drug businesses. He is killed early on in the show.

Sikander Kher plays as Daulat: Sikander Kher plays as Aarya’s father’s right-hand man. She considers Daulet to be her ally and friend. Daulet is loyal to Aarya’s father and helps her with her new business.

Ankur Bhatia playing as Sangran: Ankur Bhatia plays Aarya’s brother, Sangram, who was notorious for getting into trouble that always made his family uncomfortable.

Namit Das playing as Jawahar: Jawahar is Tej Sareen’s business partner in his illegal business. He has proven to be very unpredictable in his actions, making it difficult for anyone to trust him, even if he behaves like an ally.

Jayant Kripalani playing as Zorawar: Jayant Kripalani, an actor from the Aarya web series cast, plays as Zorawar, who is the protagonist’s father. He leads the business Tej was a part of and was subsequently the most influential person in Aarya’s life.

It’s safe to say that everyone in the Aarya cast Hotstar had something important to contribute that ended up making the series a success.

Breaking Stereotypes

The Aarya cast broke many gender norms by selecting a female actor over the age of 40 in a crime drama series. Usually, men play the main role of a “hero” in Bollywood movies but not here in Aarya web series.

Aarya plays the role of a woman that would do anything to protect her children, not afraid to even get her hands dirty. The series perfectly uses the Arya cast to shut down any stereotypes that society has about women, particularly about widowed women. Something Bollywood is not used to seeing from a female.

Other than that, at one point in the series, Jawahar questions Aarya why she didn’t join the business much earlier on, and she replies, “Pehle dhandha mard sambhalte the, ab woh bachay nahi.” (Before only men would do business, but now, none of them would survive).

The Narcotics Control Bureau’s Mr. Khan, played by Vikas Kumar, plays as a cop who is openly gay with a boyfriend that occasionally visits the police station with some dinner.

Aarya’s mother, Rajeshwari, played by Sohaila, is shown to be a drunkard and being manipulative towards her daughter. Unlike the usual loving mother, they show Rajeshwari as a female that can inflict pain on other people around her. Aarya web series may be a little slow here and there, but if you hang till the end, you will thank us for introducing you to such a mind-boggling show. The acting and the delivery of the dialogues by the Aarya cast Hotstar have left an impact on all of the viewers that watched this web series.

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